Keys for my other business

This post is brought to you by my friends business in Scotland, Glasgow  Photo booth hire Glasgow

I would like to take this opportunity to speak about my other venture in life. I have recently acquired ownership of my friends business, well a half and half share in his photo booth company. I have always been a fan of photography but I did not like spending thousands of pounds on cameras and keeping up to date with the new technology. Every lens now costs the same as my car!

So, this was the perfect fit. I can enjoy others taking pictures on these high quality booths and actually add inexpensive value to their events. Instead of telling everyone to stand still and say cheese while I take a picture on a camera worth more than my house, I can watch them be free in the photo booth. It is fantastic! Have a watch in this video below

Look at how much they are having. It is great to see.

This is what the business is all about! Seeing happy faces and positive feedback really makes the job worth while. Photo booths will never get old and in Glasgow there is always a party to be had.

Check out this link will all the information about the latest buzz around the city,

This will contain a huge amount of sources regarding parties and where you can hire your photo booth to make that event extra special. If you want to contact my friends in Glasgow, give me a message here and I can get you in touch.

I love this business, it is my second home. We are a family tight business and making people smile is why we get up every morning. Thanks for reading friends, I will be back soon about padlocks.